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FENDER-Passport Studio
FE 0694506900 Fender revolutionizes the recording industry by empowering a new generation of mobile-minded producers and engineers with the worldÉs first truly portable world-class studio monitoring system Î Passport Studio.
Passport Studio houses a [...]
451,00 €
Sob Encomenda
252,00 €
Sob Encomenda
399,00 €
JBL LSR 305 - Monitor de estúdio (uni.)

Bi-amplified Studio Monitor with Magnetically-Shielded 5Ë Low Frequency Transducer and 1Ë Soft-Dome High Frequency Transducer and Image Control Wave Guide.
Class-D 41 Watt RMS Amplifier for LF, and 41 Watt RMS Amplifier [...]

158,00 €
JB RMC CAL KIT For Use with JBL LSR6328P and LSR6312SP. Everything Needed to Measure Room, Identify Room Modes, and Adjust the RMC System. Includes sound level meter, test CD, Q template, adjustment tool, RMC remote bypass switch, battery, and [...]
145,00 €
KRK - RP6 RoKit G2 - Monitor de Estúdio [...]
KR RP6 KRK RP6 RoKit G2 Active Monitor Í 68W (bi-amplified), 6Ë woofer, 1Ë tweeter, frequency response: 49Hz-20kHz, magnetically shielded.

0,00 €
KRK - RP8 RoKit G2 - Monitor de Estúdio [...]
KR RP8 KRK RP8 RoKit G2 Active Monitor, 20 Watt HF / 70 Watt LF, 8'' woofer, 1'' tweeter, bi-amp design, magnetically shielded, frequency response: 45Hz-20kHz, XLR, RCA and 1/4'' TRS inputs.

0,00 €
M-AUDIO - BX5 Carbon - Monitor de Estúdio [...]
MD BX5CARBON The BX5 Carbon studio monitor helps you track, monitor, and mix with confidence by providing accurate sound and dynamic acoustic control. Equipped with a 5Ë woven Kevlar low-frequency driver and 1Ë natural silk dome tweeter,
the BX5 [...]
115,00 €

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