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DB Technologies - Cromo 15+ Coluna [...]
DB CROMO15 Loaded with a potent 15Ê woofer, the Cromo 15+ is able to deliver the kind of powerful and compelling bass performance that makes it the preferred fullrange speaker for bands and DJs.

499,00 €
DB Technologies - Opera 515 DX Coluna Amp. [...]
DB OPERA515DX Loaded with a 15Ê woofer driven by 400W power amp, the Opera 515 DX serves up a sizable helping of bass frequencies even without an added subwoofer.
Easy to transport and set up, it offers utmost handling convenience paired with [...]
369,00 €
DB Technologies- Cromo 12+ Coluna [...]
DB CROMO12 The classic combination of a 12Ê woofer and a 1Ê compression driver and due to the extended frequency range and high SPL, this speaker can be used as a powerful full range system, for all kinds of live or playback music.

399,00 €
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275,00 €
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699,00 €
JBL - EON 515 XT
JB EON515XT JBL Eon 515 XT - Active 2-way Bi-Amped full range cabinet, 625 W RMS (900W peak), 1x 15'' + 1x 1'', frequency range: 39Hz-20kHz, max SPL: 132dB, integrated 3-chanel mixer, 2-Band EQ, LF and HF je +/- 6 dB, mic/line inputs, XLR link [...]
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569,00 €

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